Boman Tang, Associate Pastor

After much prayer and deliberation, the Church Board offered the position of Associate Pastor of the Cantonese Ministry to Boman Tang.  Boman has accepted the Board’s offer and will begin his service with us on September 1, 2017.

Please pray for Boman and his family as they plan and execute their move from the Bay area.  This is an important milestone for our church.  Let us prepare our hearts, giving full support to Boman and his wife Frances, and work collectively, guided by the Holy Spirit towards re-building and spiritual revival.


Boman and Frances would like to thank you for all your support and prayers for helping them find the right apartment. They have decided to temporarily live with their former Sunday school students in their apartment in Alhambra while they continue to look for an apartment that meets their needs and budget.


Children’s Ministry: Helpers Needed.

Children’s fellowship – Friday 8:15pm

Children’s worship    – Sunday 9:30am

(Helpers with no experience welcome.)

Please contact Michelle Lam and Ewina Lau if interested.


**There will be no Sunday School for the month of July.  It will resume in August.